Scope of business
China Construction KiDE Engineering Corporation

Photovoltaic Power Plant
We are a professional engineering consulting, engineering design, engineering general contracting and construction of integrated photovoltaic business of large-scale comprehensive engineering and technical services company, we engaged EPC project(Engineering Purchase Construction) , we provide our clients a turnkey project service.
Building contruction
General contracting of building construction, general contracting of power engineering construction, general contracting of building mechanical and electrical installation engineering, professional construction of building decoration engineering, professional construction of fire protection facilities engineering, etc.
EPC Industrial Plant EPC
Based on general contracting pattern, we have carried out in-depth research on the construction technology of green building and developed advanced patented technology products and used in the processing engineering projects.
Patent technology

Our company is developing proprietary technologyand patent technology around the silica-basedindustrial engineering field. We have developed thepatented technology of concurrent engineering inmonocrystalline silicon, solar cells, PV modules andso on, and have gotten 10 patents. At present, morethan 20 patents are being declared. In the next 5years, it will become an international engineeringcompany integrating design, construction and postmanagement.
Corporate Culture
Core value: Benefit employees, Return society
Talents management concept:Provide an ideal platform for every ideal employee
Business philosophy: Be anxious about client's anxiety, thinking about what client think
Vision:Clobal industry chain integration EPC contractor famous international engineering corporation

Quality, environment, occupational health and safety policy
Safety First, Precaution Primary
People oriented, Harmony together
Professional and quality excellent, customer satisfaction
Innovation guiding, sustained developing
Contact information
         Building E4, Headquarters economic port, No.888, Chenglong Road,          National Economic Development Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China