Longi (Kuching) 600MW cell workshop, monocrystalli
Details description

-location: Kuching, Sarawak, Maylaysia

-Investment: 16.37 Billion

-Required/ Actual Schedule: 245/240Days

-Investor: Longi (Kuching) Co., Ltd.(Stock Code: Longi Share SH601012)

-Scope of work: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

-Project features: This Project is the first production project in the world to build complete

monocrystalline silicon industry chain at the same place. The project was reconstructed and

expanded on the basis of the acquisition of 2 old plants, and built a whole industry chain

production line with single crystal control, slicing, high efficiency single crystal PERC battery and

component function. This project was EPC, the design capacity was 1000MW, the production line

and power equipments capacity amount of phaseⅠis 600MW. In order to ensure the construction

period and reduce the initial cost of investment, we adopted the mode of introducing major

production equipments from China and purchasing construction materials locally. Finally, we have

completed the installation of production equipment and production debugging 5 days ahead of

schedule successfully.

-Project characteristics: The original production line of polycrystalline ingot slicing needed to be

guaranteed not to stop production in the process of construction and transformed its function;

The new component plant, power station and warehouse were built, carrying out construction of

M&E installation at the same time. This project set production and transformation in one, and civil

construction and M&E installation carried out at the same time. The construction was difficult and

the schedule was tight.

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         Building E4, Headquarters economic port, No.888, Chenglong Road,          National Economic Development Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China